First stab at mousewheel-controlled AD9850 Arduino VFO

I've decided that Jan's current VFO code is just a little too ambitious for me to integrate mouse support into just yet. I'll revisit that once I've got more Arduino experience. Instead, I've decided to go with the AD7C VFO that inspired it. Here is my first attempt .  (edit: you don't want that one... see end for latest, and history) I t's full of serial debugging stuff, as the AD9850 and LCD are still on order. It certainly seems to increment and decrement the frequency, and the left mouse button is used in place of Button A and changes the increment value. The AD9850 module and LCD have arrived. I still lack some basic test equipment (frequency counter, RF probes, etc.), but a quick test with a transistor radio suggests it's oscillating and adjustable. I have three of these coming soon, so I should hopefully have a functional 40M receiver shortly. Yeah, I know Pixies are supposed to be abominable, but my soldering skills are rusty and they

PS/2 Mouse to Arduino

I had been looking for code to read a PS/2 mouse from an Arduino, so I could use the mouse buttons and wheel instead of separate switches and a rotary encoder in a VFO . The example code that goes with the PS2 mouse library  is great as far as it goes, for the motion and wheel encoders, but only has the following to say about buttons: You'll need to look on-line for detail of the PS2 protocol in order to interpret the data. The status byte contains the sign bits for the X and Y values, and also the button states. Yeah, great, thanks guys. A worked example would have been nice, but that was enough to get me started. After a few dead-ends and much optimisation, here it is. Oh, and it's also my first Arduino coding project. Code can be found here .

First Post!

I'm not quite sure how many actual burnt resistors I'll show here, but I'll try to keep up with The Internet's insatiable desire for toasty circuits and electronic burnt offerings.